North West Florida meet-up PART 2!
izzimalfoy and myself are planning on seeing Star Trek XII again sometime soon. We are willing to drive to make meet-up out of it! If you live in the greater North West Florida area and want to hang let us know!


North West Florida meet-up!
The fan sneak of of Into Darkness is the 15th at the Destin Commons AMC in Destin Florida! Myself and some friends are looking at hitting up the 8pm showing that night. If you are nearby and want to join that would rock! If you can't make that time or place but would still like to meetup lets plan something. :D


Star Wars Weekends
Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!
The lineup for the guests was finally announced:

May 20th to 22nd - Anthony Daniels and Dave Filoni
May 27th to 29th - Anthony Daniels, Bruce Spence and Dee Bradley Baker
June 3rd to 5th - Ray Park, Jeremy Bulloch and Matt Lanter
June 10th to 12th - Ray Park, Peter Mayhew and Tom Kane

Any other fellow Star Wars fans our there heading to one of the Weekends?

Is this thing on?
Star Wars :: Luke Skywalker
Hello, BBs! It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I have some glorious news! I'm sure you are all familiar with and if not, you probably should be. It's a great blog focusing on mostly Trek news, but they also post science and science fiction news bits as well from time to time.

ANYWHO. On Thursday, they posted that Star Trek: The Exhibition is coming to Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex sometime in June! Guys, that is right in our backyard! I propose a meetup — a meetup of epic proportions complete with costumes for those who have them because, dude, the original series replica bridge! AHH, I'M HAVING A NERDGASM JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! XD An official announcement from the KSC should be coming soon.

In related news, the final launch of Atlantis is also scheduled for [late] June. If it's feasible, perhaps we can combine these activities. I'm all for everyone chipping in to get a hotel room, cramming as many people as possible in it, and just partying nerd style... WHAT SAY YOU, CREW?

Well the Jane intends to stalk Bill Shatner and Bruce Boxleitner. And watch Iron Man for $5.

Anyone else going?

Jane may also be showing Tron: Legacy in her room ... bring popcorn!

MegaCon is closer yet!
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I think I've found our Megacon meet up:

"Friday, March 25th, 9pm

Location: Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 + IMAX

$5 a ticket

If you aren’t sure what do on your Friday night at Megacon or you wanted to have a fun, inexpensive night out with friends, you only get to see once a year, it is.

The theatre will be raising money for the Hero Initiative.

Caricature artists will be on hand to draw you as your favorite comic, scifi or anime character before the show. Prizes will be given away to the audience based on Megacon related trivia. (Comic book, scifi, anime questions and some questions about Megacon its self.)

After the show Hooter's will give anyone with a ticket stub to Iron Man 20% off their entire meal.

THEN... ICE BAR (Right next door to Pointe Orlando) is giving cover and drink specials to anyone with an Iron Man movie ticket stub. (Don't lose the stub)

Sound like a plan BBs?

It's only $5, for a good cause and only a few blocks away from the convention center.

Plus it's RDJ and Jeff Bridges so it's GQMFs all over the place.

MegaCon planning time!
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Attention Florida crew of the U.S.S. ONTD_StarTrek:

MegaCon is coming!

March 25th to 27th in Orlando. Advance tickets are avalabe on their website. As the schedules get announced I think we can squeeze in a quick meet-up.

The GQMF William Shatner will be there along with the following other GQMFs:

Jonathan Frakes
Michael Dorn
Marina Sirtis
Robin Curtis

and Honorary* GQMFs:

Stan Lee
Bruce Boxleitner
James Marsters
George Perez
Geoff Johns

Yeah I know it's like over a month away but anyone interested. I know there are more than a few folks on this list that will be there already so we might as well party the con down.

Game Face
Is there anybody on this comm who goes to the University of North Florida? Would anybody be interested in a Star Trek club?? I have no idea how to even get people together for this on campus, or if this would be doable... o__o

I know I can't be the only ST fan here, there's astronomy classes and a Science/Engineering building and everything! I might just have to print up a bunch of flyers and make a ghetto-underground style gathering when I get time.

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Okay you guys. Here's the final info for the meet-up:

Where: Regal Cinemas Pointe Orlando IMAX
When: TOMORROW, Wednesday May 12 @ 4:00 pm

Meet in front of the ticket booth downstairs. :D

Can't wait to see everybody!

Meet-up, yo!
Okay guys, so I've posted this in my own journal, but I thought it'd be nice to post here as well.

A bunch of us Orlando/Sanford GQMFs got together to see Sherlock Holmes earlier in the year, and we figured it'd be cool to do the same with Iron Man 2!


Date: Wednesday the 12th
Time: TBA
Place: TBA

So, anyone have suggestions for where and when? :D


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