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nijireiki wrote in gqmf_fl
Is there anybody on this comm who goes to the University of North Florida? Would anybody be interested in a Star Trek club?? I have no idea how to even get people together for this on campus, or if this would be doable... o__o

I know I can't be the only ST fan here, there's astronomy classes and a Science/Engineering building and everything! I might just have to print up a bunch of flyers and make a ghetto-underground style gathering when I get time.

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I was reading to fast and almost had a heart attack. I read "...University of West Florida", but alas I misread. I graduated from UWF not to long ago and I also felt like a lone ST fan on my campus. I wish you luck. :)

Hey waittasec.

I go to the University of West Florida! Did I ever get in contact with you at somepoint? XD

Yes, I believe you did. I graduated December 2009. :D

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