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Is this thing on?
Star Wars :: Luke Skywalker
blowdry wrote in gqmf_fl
Hello, BBs! It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I have some glorious news! I'm sure you are all familiar with and if not, you probably should be. It's a great blog focusing on mostly Trek news, but they also post science and science fiction news bits as well from time to time.

ANYWHO. On Thursday, they posted that Star Trek: The Exhibition is coming to Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex sometime in June! Guys, that is right in our backyard! I propose a meetup — a meetup of epic proportions complete with costumes for those who have them because, dude, the original series replica bridge! AHH, I'M HAVING A NERDGASM JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! XD An official announcement from the KSC should be coming soon.

In related news, the final launch of Atlantis is also scheduled for [late] June. If it's feasible, perhaps we can combine these activities. I'm all for everyone chipping in to get a hotel room, cramming as many people as possible in it, and just partying nerd style... WHAT SAY YOU, CREW?

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And not in the way I say it to Julie.

Stop acting like you don't love me, Rinzler.

1. Need to wait on final budge justifications that will allocate the expenditures necessary to fund STS-135. I mean it got approval but my sources are saying to hold out for the 100% go on that launch.


3. ?????


Actually if we get a final count on people going I can get 1/2 off admissions for up to 6 people going to KSC. :| And if any of my other coworkers come (and they always do) that's another six.

Also if we're going to do a hotel -- once there's word that the launch is 100% finalized set in stone going up. Book immediately. Hotels book out sometimes 3 months in advance or more. :| Additionally you'll want to camp the FRR to make sure they don't postpone the launch for any reasons prior... and if they do immediately rebook your hotel.

I can help with this.


Also, once we know when the ST thing is there, it will make planning easier, too.

...I love that I post this and the first 3 people to comment are the 3 biggest enablers I know.


Well you know I want to go!


Should we maybe stick this on the ONTD_ST meet up post too?

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Yeah, that would probably be good. I didn't even think of it.


I want to come home for this. THERE AIN'T NO GQMF LIKE A FL GQMF.

Also, I miss you.

We all miss you BB!


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