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GQMF Florida
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Florida GQMF keeping it real.

It's Only Logical You See.
This community here is an off shoot of ontd_startrek. And our purpose is to spread the GQness through out the great state of Florida! As technical (or confusing) as that sounds, this was really created to help plan meet ups and make it a little easier for those who live in or are visiting Florida to meet other GQMF.

Feel free to start a post for a mega meet-up or just a small one for your area. And make sure to post about your adventures and shenanigans! Even though this was made as an easier way to plan meet-ups, we want to here about our FL GQMF too! Tell us about things you have done, we have a pretty creative bunch here, so share things you have made or created. There is no limit to what we do here, so reach for the stars kids! [Sure that last line was lame, but I'm channeling Andy Samberg right now and it sounds like something he would say.]

[If any one else can think of anything else we should include, let me know, haha, I'm kind of crap when it comes to explaining things.]

And if you have plans to vacation or visit Florida, let us know! If we don't have a meet up planed, we can always use you as catalyst for starting one!

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