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Meet-up, yo!
canarypaper wrote in gqmf_fl
Okay guys, so I've posted this in my own journal, but I thought it'd be nice to post here as well.

A bunch of us Orlando/Sanford GQMFs got together to see Sherlock Holmes earlier in the year, and we figured it'd be cool to do the same with Iron Man 2!


Date: Wednesday the 12th
Time: TBA
Place: TBA

So, anyone have suggestions for where and when? :D

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I'm down for wherever/whenever that night (I know, that's terribly unhelpful)...
So far I've seen Iron Man 2 at Waterford Lakes and Festival Bay... the sound/screen at Festival Bay was much better...
Also, I ended up not being able to go to the Megacon meetup - - did anybody ever get a group together to go to Out of this World?

How would you feel about IMAX at Pointe Orlando around 10pm?

Er, actually, how about 4pm?

Is it in IMAX? *goes to see*

No, not at Mosi :/ poo.

Would you be adverse to IMAX at Pointe Orlando at 10pm? :D

Scratch that, how about 4pm? XD


I'm not going to be in Orlando until Saturday, which I'll be spending the day with blowdry @Disney so I wouldn't be able to go anyways.

I prob should give it a rest considering I saw it twice opening day ... (-_-)'

You should come visit me at SeaWorld. I'll be working there over the weekend. :D

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