Kennedy Space Center
doctor who - bad wolf
Star Trek Live @ KSC

It opens in June... so are we going or what? :D
(I'm extra-excited 'cause I've lived in Florida my whole life but I've never been to KSC...)

MegaCon meet-up today!
Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!
See you all today!

Final plan of attack for Megacon!
Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!
Alright folks here are the plans:

Saturday (the 13th) at NOON we'll be meeting up outside of the Hall where the pre-reg pickup is. I'll wear something Trekkie and have a little sign. If all goes well I'll get there a little early. If anyone would like to make a BIG sign feel free to, I just don't think I'll have the time to make one before then.

From there we'll head over to the Regal Pointe Orlando theater, which is just down the road if you're not familiar with the area, to watch Alice in Wonderland. The showtimes for Saturday aren't up but obviously they will be playing the hell out of Alice. After that we can head out for food, there is a Denny's near by if no one has a better suggestion.

We should be back in time plenty of time for people to see the costume contests Saturday night.


I don't mean to spam the group but I'll be posting new info/reminders every day until the meet up because I know sometimes these posts can get buried in f-lists and I don't want anyone to miss out.
~ Jane

Megacon is two and a half weeks away!
Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!
I was hoping to put up the official time and place of our meet-up yesterday but as TPTB at Megacon have yet to put up the flippin' schedule I'm hesitant to put an exact time. So, tentatively, here is the plan:

Meet-up just outside the main entrance to Hall D (where they had the line to pick up the pre-reg tickets last year) Saturday afternoon sometime between 11am and 2PM. There should be a lull in the programing there somewhere, I'll post an exact time once we know more. From there we have options! Slum around the convention or head for the movies! Personally I'd love to see Alice in Wonderland with you GQMF over at the Pointe theater, though I don't think I can handle it in 3D. Food will, of course, have to be gotten! Eating is like second nature to our meet-ups now.

Alternately we could go Friday or Sunday night

This calls for another poll!

Poll #1529530 MegaCon Poll #2

What day is best for our shenanigans?


Should we go to the movies?

Yes! Alice plz!
Yes, but not Alice thnx.
No! I hate movies!

Any other thoughts?

Sorry for putting this off...
I know the meet up is supposed to be this Sunday, and I apologize for not posting sooner, I had been trying to work out a way to still go, but it looks like I won't be able to go.

This doesn't mean the meet up won't happen though. But, since this is last minute for me to drop this on everyone, if we wanted to reschedule, we could also do that. I know the Mega Con meet up is still being planned too.

So if for right now, we just wanted to do the Mega Con meet up, and then set a date for a new meet up later (maybe after the semester for any one in school) we could do that.

Sorry about this guys, I was hoping I could have worked out tomorrow, but the people I am working with aren't too flexible. I curse their name and shake my fist!

MegaCon is closer yet!
Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!
OK peoples! We're about a month out from Megacon ... so if you are attending or even if you are not going but will be in the area head on over to THIS POST to vote on where/when to meet up.

As of right now Friday evening through Saturday afternoon are getting the most votes with meeting within or just outside the hall. I know eating is a big part of our GQMF life so if anyone has any suggestions for a good restaurant on International Drive. Also if there are any other attractions/fun things in that part of town let me know! Phaser Training: Part Two? Catch a movie?

I'm also thinking of making some more of the BAMF shirts I made last year for a few of the meet ups! Let me know if anyone wants one, I think they're going to be $8 this time.

That's the date kids! We need to pick a place to meet up now. Throw out your ideas in the comments, but here are some that I've come up with and heard about.

Medieval Times Kissimmee, FL
The only show they have that day is at 7pm
They also have a few promotions going on right now, but they also offer group rates, but I would need to now how many people are attending.

Out of this World: Extraordinary Costumes from Film and Television
I know Jane had brought this up in the Mega Con planning post, but I'll throw it out here too. It's only open until 4pm so we would have to decide on something to do after wards.

And that is really it. Feel free to throw out your ideas! We're looking at the Orlando area because it is a central location, but if there is something going on in a different area that you think would be a lot of fun, through it out there.

Along with ideas for where to meet up, can we start doing a head count, just let me know if you can come, if you want to bring a friend [more then welcome to bring your entourage], that way I can email Medieval Times about group rates, but nothing is set in stone :) But if I have a number I can at least ask.

Another quick idea. Even though it will be after Valentine's Day, I still think it would be fun to do a Valentine exchange! I think it would be really cute, I'm sure the stores will have Star Trek valentine's (or at least they should) if not, making them is always fun! If you guys like this idea, let me know :) Figuring out hoe many people are coming, will help with how many valentines to make.

And just an announcement - but Ingrid from Australia is going to be working a convention that Mr. Karl Urban will be attending :D and she is taking up a huge responsibility to collect fan submissions to give to him! I was thinking if at either meet up we wanted to bring anything to send, we could put it all in one package. So instead of sending a bunch of packages from Florida, we could combine them and send one package from Florida :) Just an idea. Here is her post from ONTD_ST

Oh, haha (sorry this is a lot), but in the comments, if any one wanted to start throwing out areas to see if any one wanted to car pool start doing that now :)

Okie dokie - that should be it!

MegaCon is coming again! Plus fun Museum-ie stuff
Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!
Alright peoples I know there's about 3 or 4 of you GQMFloridians out there going to MegaCon this year.

Anyone up for a mini-meetup? Stalk Brent Spiner until he sings for us? Bask in the awesome of Nichelle Nichols' fierceness?

Also it looks like their might be a special price for MegaCon attendees for "Out of this World" at the Orange County Regional History Center. Both installations will be running Feb 6 - May 16.

Out of this World is the costume exhibition from the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (


Give A Day. Get A Disney Day.
Make sure you all take a look at the poll from the last post so we can decide on a date for the next meet up!

This post is just to throw out an idea I had. Not sure if you all had heard about this promotion right now, but Disney is having this special event where if you volunteer for an organization, you can earn a ticket to Disney.

I thought this might be fun, since Disney is pretty central for us GQMF. But I didn't know if we wanted to maybe try and volunteer together. If we can't volunteer together, maybe people can get together in smaller areas to help volunteer and then we could maybe have our next meet up at Disney?

Here is the official website if you wanted to check it out. And if you wanted to search to see what kind of volunteer opportunities they offer you can search here. I searched for the Orlando area if we decided to make it an entire group effort and they have over 700 to choose from.

If we wanted to just do the smaller areas, make sure to comment where you are from in this thread and then everyone can kinda plan what they would want to volunteer for.

Just an idea. I think it would really be a nice gesture from us and for ontd_st. And on the bright side, we don't have to spend $60 for a ticket to Disney and we have a place to have our meet up!

EDIT: If you are browsing the list of places to volunteer at and you see an interesting one, leave it in the comments. That way we can compile a list of potential ideas :)

Final Date
I kept the last poll pretty open ended just to see what people wanted to do. If you guys can, vote for the one date you would want to have to meet-up.

Choose One Date:

Saturday February 20th
Sunday February 21st
Saturday March 13th
Sunday March 14th

Also, I was thinking to help get updates of the meet ups out, if you wanted to add me on twitter, I can post when we have updates over here.


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